Sunday, 10 June 2012

Vegan Cookies in Suprising Places

Vegan cookies and almond-milk lattes? There couldn't possibly be a coffee-shop in Fargo, ND with such things, right?

WRONG!!! I wanna tell you all about one of my favorite places in Fargo!  It's the Red Raven Espresso Parlor--a haven for hipsters, artists, locavores, comedians, eco-warriors, coffee lovers, craft-addicts, good-customer-service-demanders, poets, bearded men, bearded women, small children, hippies, the elderly, communists, lovers, the mentally deranged, and service animals.

My coffee is always perfect whether served with a smile or a scowl, and served crazy fast compared to other coffee places in town. It never has that stale/burned/weird corporate coffee taste. If one goes there often, the staff will try to get to know you and some of them can even predict what you will order!! They should probably start their own psychic hotline.

Also, they're incredibly patient with me. No matter how long the line is and how fickle I am, the barista always patiently waits for me to once again give up and order a 16 ounce Americano. Plus, it's a co-op, so they're not just being nice 'cuz their boss makes them, they're just sincerely nice people!

They offer various vegan items on a daily basis, and always have yummy vegan cookies.If you ever find yourself in Fargo, I command you make a pit-stop at:

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