Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Imagine for a minute that it's 1995 and you're at Lollapalooza. Hole is playing and there's Courtney Love--stumbling across the stage and yelling something unintelligible into the crowd.

Suddenly *gasp*

She takes a tumble on the stage. She's on her back with her feet awkwardly in the air, undies exposed. Your eyes travel to her feet and you can't believe what you see--the most beautiful shoes you've ever seen in your life.

You know that the only important thing in life is to get a pair of those shoes. You dive for the stage but security shoves you back into the crowd. What do you do? You rip off your wristband and head for the parking lot. You've gotta get yourself those shoes!

Finally, you find out that the shoes are made by a man called "John Fluevog," and he actually makes some of his beautiful shoes vegan!!

Fluevogs are still just as rad' as they were in 1995, and there are still vegan options! Of course, the vegan options sell out fast, so when you see a pair you like, pounce! You can deal with Visa later :)

Here's my favorite out of the current vegan options:
Alright, I know they're pricey! But this is the kind of shoe you keep forever. These are shoes you can hand down to your grand children! (Or grand-cats in my case!)

These are the kind of shoes that don't wear out. When they finally start showing some wear, you take them to a cobbler and get them repaired!

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