Sunday, 10 June 2012

Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer-Perfect for vegan Albino gals, and Me!

"What's wrong with your face? Are you sick?" my sister's concerned SO once asked me. "I'm not wearing concealer" I replied.

Like a lot of ladies, I have major hereditary dark circles. When I don't wear concealer, I literally look like I'm either terminally ill or a heroin addict. Oh yeah, and I'm also the palest non-Albino person I have ever met. Thanks Mom!

To make things worse for myself, I also chug black coffee religiously and love cheap beer! Both of these habits can give even the genetically blessed some mayjah black circles, so you can guess what they do to me!

Luckily, Urban Decay is rad enough to make this product: The 24/7 Concealer in CIA.

It's vegan, comes in a variety of skin tones (compared to other concealers) and one $18 pencil lasts me around 5 months of heavy use, making the cost-per-wear approximately $0.12. It lasts all day and I find a rarely need touch-ups, yay!

The only downside I find with this concealer is that it can dry out my under-eye area, but I prevent that with a super-secret skin cream recipe I invented. :)

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