Sunday, 10 June 2012

Hey There Kitten! My Favorite Foundation and Me.

Around 5 years ago, I was a slave to Bare Minerals makeup. While it's a great line of mineral makeup in it's own right, the price was just too much for a poor college student like I was.

Rather than give up on college and starting my career as an exotic dancer, I started looking for a new foundation. I found this:

It's Meow Cosmetics' AMAZING line of vegan mineral foundation. I fell in love, and I've never looked back! It comes in a cray-cray rainbow of 86 shades and even gives you choices for undertones and coverage level. I'm an Inquisitive Sphinx! To take the risk-factor out of buying foundation online they offer samples of every shade for only $1 each, so you can find your perfect shade before you commit!

I order 2 of the largest foundations in (Inquisitive Sphinx in the Flawless Feline Coverage Level) every month for an approximate cost per use of $0.27 with heavy daily use. I didn't count touch-ups in this estimate.

Besides being an awesome vegan product, the company is also ran by a group of women who seem super rad. In 5 years of wearing their foundation, I've never had a customer service issue. Whoa, right?

Break free from your corporate beauty overlords by going to their website and ordering samples immediately!!

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